Thursday, April 12, 2007

Me & My Lovers

Me & My Lovers

I know everybody is interested in such a topic. Here Pandora is revealing some parts of her personal life to you, hmmm!

I am not so sure whether I can even name my first lover as “lover”, he is more like a forever good-friend of mine. I have been acquainted with him since I was at the age of reading comics. He is the one who introduced me to wisdom. He also entertains me all the time. He is also a hiding place for me whenever I am sad, lonely, depressed or scolded. When I am in despair, he would follow me to a secret corner and make me forget all the woes. He is always around me in any of his styles such as humorous, romantic or even mysterious. Sometimes, I would make use of him to open my chest and express whatever feelings I have. Sometimes, I would be more attracted by others and forget him for a long time. But he would never fail to comfort me the moment I turn back to his forgiving heart. As times go by, we have built mutual understanding and we share our ideas in a more and more matured manner. I can never be out of touch with him until now though I cannot let him immerse my life totally.

The second lover brought my life lots of new things and excitements. I still remember that my cheeks were blushing with enthusiasm and my heart was heavily beating when I met him for the first time . He is so subtle that not everybody can understand him. But I could not help admiring him since he is a precious property of the intelligent. Unfortunately, I could not make up my mind that he was what I wanted. I thought I would like to explore more and I had little confidence in him as to whether he could be a strong shoulder for my life. Then it is me who initiated that we couldn’t just go on like that. Nobody would understand how my heart ached when I remorselessly decided to break up with him. Now he becomes too distant to me. When I miss him, I can just peep at his place and recall our joyful memories. What a sad story!

The third one seems to be quite boring in the first place. People respect him though they know that he may not be a very rich man. To me, he is an older version of my first lover. But he is not just “one”, he is a series of “ones”. He also gets along very well with my first lover. Sometimes I feel that they share a similar way of thinking. The difference is that he makes me more matured and turns me to be more like a human, a “responsible human”. With him, I cannot behave like a kid. I need to control my emotions and think everything seriously from many aspects. He is like a grandpa who lectures me about life in depth. When I am closer to him, I become more attached to him. He is a life-long learning stock for me. However, sometimes, he makes be think too much and I feel so stressed to find solutions to vague problems that I think I will leave him. Yet I cannot deny that he is the only one who can provide me with the proudest and most satisfied feelings whenever I can successfully relate his lecture to reality.

Good or bad, I met the fourth lover about the same time though I am not a flirt. He is a ladies’ man who approached my life with complex feelings. Unavoidably, I have to admit that I fall into him just like others. I can’t stay away from his attractiveness and smartness. Every prudent person will agree that it is a realistic choice if I decide to engage him. Even though I had just a slim chance to learn him casually, I cannot underestimate his promising future. I also know that I can be qualified enough to be with him. However, I see his character quite irritating to me often. I would have just said “yes” to him without hesitation, if I have never had experienced with my other lovers. Now some of his ideas seem to be a remote fantasy to me. Eventually, I get to see him as a bit arrogant and even quite heartless in some decisions, which I cannot absolutely agree. I feel that our hearts will become more and more apart unless I can transform my own mind and just follow his discipline. Well, I am simply confused.

Well, that’s the end. I think I am not officially committed to any of them though I appear to hang out mostly with the third lover. I don’t know what to decide. How do you suggest?

Oh.. yes, I almost forgot to tell you who my lovers are! The first is “Literature”, the second “Linguistics”, the third “Political Sciences & Public Policy”, and the fourth “Business Administration”. I was talking about subjects. What were you thinking?


Anonymous said...

a ha.. this is a good one coz of the twist in the end. I almost thought u were talking abt ur boyfriends ;)

pandora said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Gyit Tu. :)